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Reverse Painting on Glass
Mini Paintings Installations
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  Technique and caring for the Art Lights  
  We exhibited Jamie's Work at
SOFA Chicago, Nov. 09
and obtained several Orders
Dark Floral, Chandelier Orange Lantern Serenity, Pink
  Sconces, Four Seasons plus Serenity  
Spring Winter
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Dark Floral
mini Paintings Installation
Tea Roses
Technique and Caring for your Art Lights

I paint primarily on sandblasted glass surfaces. 
The glass is slumped by a professional glass worker in the USA. 
Each piece is custom made to my specifications. 
It is sandblasted on both sides for two reasons:
One reason is that the sandblasting on the outside diffuses the light of the bulbs and gives
my paintings a soft, almost 3 dimensional effect. 
The inside of the glass is sandblasted to allow the surface 'tooth' to accept the paints. 
The surface is similar to that of masonite and responds similarly to my application of paint. 
I use a special blend of hand mixed oil paints and a variety of brushes to apply the paint. 
Some of the most beautiful parts of a painting usual have less paint, or a more translucent application.
This allows the light to penetrate and give it more of a glowing effect. 
The thicker the paint is applied, the darker it will appear on the outside. 
 A rule of thumb for painting glass is "less is more" most of the time.  

I live in the country, so many of my designs are influenced by my environment.  
I offer designs in floral and landscape themes because of this. 
However, my training as a textile designer allows me to explore designs that are stylized and symmetrical as well. 
I most enjoy combining the two elements, nature and math, to come up with a successful design or theme. 
I get the most enjoyment from creating new designs that sometimes come to me after a trip somewhere new or even from my dreams.

The hardware for my pieces is designed by me and constructed in the USA.  The ring hardware is hand forged from steel. 
The 3 rod hardware is constructed using cast brass parts. 
 These are of a much higher quality than the typical spun brass imported brass fixtures that one would find in most lighting stores.   

Here is what I recommend for care and cleaning of the glass:

Use 60 watt GE Reveal bulbs, or similar for best ambient lighting in chandeliers. 
I have recently started converting to flourescent bulbs,
which also illuminate quite nicely, and offer a 'greener' alternative to incandescent bulbs.

Care of glass:
Inside (painted side):  Dust or vacuum with a SOFT BRUSH ATTACHMENT.  Do not use cleansers or water on the inside surface.
Outside (unpainted side):  Dust or vacuum with SOFT BRUSH ATTACHMENT. 
Your glass should remain clear indefinitely, but if cloudiness appears, contact us for additional conditioning solution. 
Do not use any glass cleaners or other cleaning products on the glass.

Jamie Barthel, October 09