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 Christine Barney Cast Glass
SOLD Cast Glass Sculptures
Updated March 2015
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Drift Wood
2013 creation  SOLD
Sea Foam
 December 13, 2014
All 3 SOLD
"Ships passing in the night"  

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Window , SOLD, GWE,
 July 2009
Awake at Dawn
SOLD, Jan. 2015
SOLD, June 2011

The above cast Glass Sculpture was part of our
Summer 2005 Exhibit 

assage  SOLD  Passage was part of The ABC of Glass Art
Seedburst   SOLD
9.5 x 14 x 5"
Ring Toss
SOLD, 2011

Autumn Leaves
4 x 15 x 6"  
The above cast Glass Sculpture was part o our Summer 2006 Exhibit
Natura Morta e Vivente
Seraph SOLD