The ABC of Glass Art, 2005
Summer of 2005, on the Web and at GLASS Week End Exhibit                                             Artists and chosen Letters

Voting for The ABC                                                                                                                  July 9, 2005

Collectors on Mostly Glass' e-mail list are invited to vote for the Popular Sculpted Letter

The Sculpted Letters are listed alphabetically, through this link:
Letters listed alphabetically
Clicking each image will lead to detailed information on the piece.
Two votes per household. As a gift, the voters will receive the 52 page catalogue on The ABC of Glass Art, valued at $20

The main purpose of the exhibit is to demonstrate the spectrum of Glass Art Techniques, literal reproduction of a Letter should not be a significant judging criterion. You will come across highlights from our 1998 exhibit, The ABC of American Glass. Those are not meant to be part of the current voting

Another vote will be for the Mostly Glass 2005 Awards, offered to 3 Artists chosen by a Jury of Connoisseurs in Glass Art. The Jurors include Art Critics, Gallery Owners, Glass Art Collectors and non-participating Glass Artists.

All winners will be announced on the Web, just before the opening of Glass Weekend, July 15, 2005

Information on The ABC exhibit                                                                               Updated July 9, 2005

Mostly Glass is invited an International Group of Artists to participate in this follow up to our 1998 exhibit The ABC of American Glass. This exhibit will be in the same spirit of demonstrating the wide spectrum of techniques used in Glass Art through sculptures of the letters of the Alphabet.

The Artists are from several countries, and represent emerging Artists and well established ones.
The list of the Artists and other information is updated on our web site

Letters / Sculptures. The sculpted letters will go beyond 26 to include non-Latin Letters and ancient writings. Each Letter will be a Unique Sculpture. If we get special requests, the Artist will submit a sketch for the commission, after the Collector approves of it,  advance pay is required.
Retail Price Range: $1550 - $6600
Size Range: 6 - 15", free standing or wall pieces.
Size exceptions were made in pieces on a stand and for Jewelry

The Exhibit opened on the Web June 18 2005
Several of the Letters / Sculptures will be shown at Glass Weekend, Wheaton Village, July 15 - 17 2005

The Catalogue will not be only a photo album of the letter. It will focus on the spectrum of Glass Art Techniques and will include all the Letters from the 2005 Exhibit and highlights from the 1998 Exhibit
Alison Ruzsa, a Glass Artist, is writing the text on Glass Art Techniques.
Karen Chambers, a Glass Art expert, will write the forward for the Catalogue

The Popular Prize will be chosen on the web site by Collectors on the Mostly Glass e-mail list
The Catalogue is expected to retail for $20

The ABC of American Glass, 1998

It opened in our Englewood Gallery December 3 1998

Mostly Glass  invited forty Artists to demonstrate the wide spectrum of Art Glass Techniques through sculptures of the letters of the Alphabet. The Alphabet was rendered in other Art Forms, but this will be the first time that all the Letters will be shown in Art Glass and exhibited in one space.

The Artists are from across the United States and represent the young, emerging and the mature one. The techniques demonstrated will be predominantly the well-established Art of Blowing, Lamp working, Casting and Fusing glass. Stained Glass will be represented in its sculptural form, rather than in its traditional 2 dimensions. In addition, few Artists will demonstrate the use of Neon and Holograms in Art Glass.

Artists have chosen one or more Letters and a particular Letter will be made by more than one artist. There will be a total of 70 Letters / Sculptures. These will be limited editions of 5 (with or without an Artist’s Proof).

The Mostly Glass 1998 Award were offered to the Artists listed below.
The judges included Art Critics, Glass Collectors and non-participating Glass Artists.

Award #1 was shared by Robert Mickelsen (
G) & John Miller (X)
Award #2 went to Eric Rubinstein's
E (image to be posted on the web)
Award #3
went to Ray Howlet's O

Most Popular Letter
was James Nowak's S all 5 Sculptures in the Edition SOLD

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