Lezama, Claudia - Bio

History - It is by following design courses while studying architecture that I discovered Blown Glass.  Paintings, Ceramics and Sculpture are a constant in my life, but the discovery of Blown Glass has meant for me the encounter of the "Ideal Material".

claudia_tendernes.JPG (15658 bytes)Artistic Research - The Nobility of this material and the idea of neutrality that the transparency implies provide an ideal support for the expression of my Artistic Research.

A Research related to human feelings: what are the universal feelings that can be defined as Masculine or Feminine, and in which measure do these participate in a duality that resists this kind of classification.
A Research on the possibilities to express these kind of questions in a plastic fashion. How, for instance, to represent the power relation of Woman and Man as an entity, and how to study the existence of this very entity.
This Research charged heavily with subjectivity finds in the Glass a support making it objective.
Artistic Evolution:
It is in my relation to Glass that I try to crystallize my Research. Glass provides technical restraints such that it participates actively:
Of a beauty that is unique to it, It requires continuous caution of the ease, and obliges me to express myself explicitly.
To work and to use traditional ways, great spaces of discovery remain open that allow, without repetition, novel expressions in the matter of ancient feelings.
When it is hot, it requires concentration and precision that makes working it a ritual, practically liturgical, where our presence must be total. This attitude facilitates the expression of primitive sentiments.
When working in the hot stage, some properties particular to the Matter and to the Moment instantly emerge, and require from us to take an immediate decision. This is done in a rigorous dialogue because these proposals are often tempting, made urgently. Every hesitation implies rethinking the original idea. As such the original idea should be strong and should always be present, making its abstraction easier.
The work of the Glass can only be achieved in a team: It implies a complicity that is in the very heart of my research.
We should add to all of this the wait, the suspense, the lag period between the creative act and the eventual peaceful encounter with the created object, an encounter that is by itself a source of creation.

An Artistic Evolution that enriches itself, allows you not to work against the objects already Created - without ever ignoring their contribution - and that favors a voyage in time towards an essence to be recreated.

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