Weaving Glass Beads
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 Madelyn Ricks

Short Kimonos

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The Kimonos are placed on   Plexiglas stands (below, center)

Beauty Kimono
SOLD Collectors, Palm Beach, FL


Several Collectors requested to preview the Kimonos to be created by Madelyn

The 2006 Short Kimonos
are 11" long and $3850

South Western Kimono SOLD Collectors, Sedona, AZ


Light Blues Kimono
Collectors, Rockleigh, NJ


All the Kimonos shown
on this page SOLD


Feathers Kimono
SOLD Collectors, Southboro, MA

Weaving Glass Beads

It is the art of interlocking beads together with thread is both ancient and universal.  Madelyn's designs are a mixture of many different cultures and times. The technique is peyote stitch named by the Native Americans in the US. 
A very strong multifilament nylon thread is used.  The square glass beads are a high quality glass manufactured in Japan using novel techniques.  Many of the beads are plated with precious metals such as 24K gold, rhodium and palladium. 
Also used, are lot of silver-lined colored beads to create a lot of sparkle, making the finished piece look like
small dots of colored light  woven together.

There are very few artists that work with beads this small ( about 300 per square inch), or create pieces with such intricate patterns and colors.