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Country USA
Title: Home                  H for The ABC of Glass Art    
Medium: Kiln cast, hand polished Lead Crystal (see below)
Vintage miniature wood furniture, painted red
Type: Sculpture                               Photos by  D James Dee
Dimensions   13.5 x 7.5 x 12"                     32 pounds


Chang's Artist Statement

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Dallas is a New York City Artist who fulfills her passion for glass on a part time basis.
However, she manages to create masterpieces that rival the veterans in the field.
She built a
Home  for this exhibit,
and for the 1998 exhibit,
The ABC of American Glass.
she created the very beautiful L Vessel

Chang Artist's Statement

H is for House, Harry, Home and lots of other nice things

Five separately cast lead crystal planes interlock to create this structure of fragility, light and weight.
I like the way the letter is an integral part of the structure itself.
The H is the house as the house is the H. Like a home, a house, and
life itself, this sum is greater than its parts, yet dependent on them.
It is a precarious balance where each component has its own place.

The furniture within the House transforms it into a Home.
As blood is the elixir of life, this red color injects life into this Home.

The fact that it is created out of glass lends an additional dimension to this
combination of form with medium.
Being glass, it makes one want to look in and through, and to be careful.
Behavior that should also be applied to real homes and the lives lived within them.  

Dallas Chang, April 2005