The Neckpieces represent
Elements of the Periodic Tables
Top row: Au (Gold),  Ag (Silver)
Bottom: Cu + Sn (Bronze)

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Elise Ordorica                     USA
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Title: Elements: Gold, Silver  & Bronze
The Neckpiece set is part of the The ABC of Glass Art
Elise gave her own interpretation of this Exhibit by choosing ABC of the Periodic Table
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Medium: Cast Glass
Other media: Gold, Silver & Copper
Type: Jewelry, Neckpieces
Size: Wires: 16 - 18" circumference
Pendant: 2.5 - 3.5"long
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Price: $1550 for the set of 3 Neckpieces + 3 Earrings
Photos by the Artist

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ABC of the Periodic Table

Elise chose her signature cast glass jewelry to represent her in The ABC Exhibit.
She decided on an interesting tilt to the ABC, that of the Periodic Table of Elements.
Each title (Gold, Silver and Bronze), represents the metal filling used with the cast glass.
The metal fillings were also used on the back of the Gold and Silver.
The metal wires and fabricated hangers correspond with the title.
Elise used copper on the bronze piece because it is predominant element in bronze.


Gold, Au. 16" wire. Pendant: 23/8 x 25/8 x 3/4"      $600, Neckpiece and Earring

Silver, Ag. 18" wire. Pendant: 2.5 x 3 x .5"      $500, Neckpiece and Earring

Bronze, Cu + Sn (copper + tin). 17" wire. Pendant: 3.5 x 2.75 x .75"      $500, Neckpiece and Earring