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Miriam Di Fiore, Sonata in sol minor   Scroll down for information and 5 more views

Miriam Di Fiore             Available Work, Main Page
Sonata in sol minor   Fall 2008                               10 x 32 x 14"                                       Fused Glass, 14.5 x 8" = 116sq"
Violin case. Fused Glass Panel. Part of the handle is Cast Glass.   Pate de Verre leaves x 20, scattered in the cover
$15 000                                          Nov. 1, 08                                            SOLD, November 5, 2008,  Art Collectors, San Carlos, CA

Current value, $18 000, May 09

Notes on the making of Sonata

The fused glass had to be placed in molds in order to keep the shape of the Violin
A different mold is used with every firing
The patte de verre leaves are incredibly perfect (Miriam's words)
She is proud of the 3 years research it took to perfect this type of glass casting
The violin case is Austrian from the late 17th Century
It took Miriam 16 hours work to restore the case. It was black when she found it