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Miriam Di Fiore    

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La Nostalgia Di Mrs. Pavesi
Mrs. Pavesi is Homesick     April 09



Fused Glass placed within an
old American Washboard with wood a a metal plate
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A Wall mounted Object
24.5 x 12.5 x 2.25"    4.5" distance from the wall 

Glass: 14.75 x 11"    162 sq"



$13 000   SOLD April 19, 09, via SOFA NY
Art Collectors, San Carlos, CA          

Click below to enlarge the whole Object


La Nostalgia Di Mrs. Pavesi

The title means Mrs. Pavesi is Homesick
 The piece is about the inmigration from Italy to USA.
Mrs Pavesi is a "symbolic" woman from the flat lands of Pavia
 (the chanel on the fiused glass is the Naviglio Pavese that conect milano with pavia from the times of Leonardo Da Vinci...)
I imagine that woman from Italy uing on that american washing board and thinking about her home, far away...