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  Miriam Di Fiore    

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Title A Drawer to say Goodbye,
2007 (Story below)
Medium   Fused Glass in a wood drawer
Size 14 x 14.5 x 7.5"  
Glass: 14 x 13"  (32 x 34 cm.)  182 sq"
Price   $9 150   Octoober, 09
SOLD, June 12, 2011, Di Fiore Collectors
Click below to enlarge a close up of the Glass panel
A special feature in the the panel is the use of
Green Aventurine glass. It gives a special shine to the panel, not apparent in the photos


Goodbye, the Story

The Poplar trees  featured in the glass panel are a in field just at the limit of the town Motta Visconti, the place where Miriam had her studio.
It is the first time that she makes a piece with an image from the city where
she created her Art Work for several years.
She often observed those trees, because they are near the restaurant where she went for lunch, when she was too busy to go home to eat.

Miriam considers this glass panel as the best of her poplars trees work.

The aventurine green is fantastic but impossible to photograph.
This piece is my way to express my gratitude for this place before I leave.

Note: in 2007, Miriam moved to her Studio and home to a Hill Town in Northern Italy