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Di Fiore 
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Obscure Marsh
Lanca dell'Acqua Oscura


  Fused Glass
mounted in a Saw

40 x 17 x 4"  
Glass: 29 x 13"   377 sq"
Price   $19 850

Obscure Marsh is not available
as of February 2008

The Landscape:
Spring at the bank of Ticino River  in Northern Italy (near Miriam's Home)
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What inspired Obscure Marsh


Obscure Marsh

An old saw that cannot hurt any more.
My Marsh of the Bridge, beloved Marsh.
An evening in full spring, before that bloom the Locust-tree.

Deep water, motionless and dark; mirror for dreams and thoughts, each morning for over 11 years
I have stayed at least a moment to look at you.
Those trees lying at the bottom of the Marsh, they are like a forbidden desire.
I cannot reach them; they live beyond the impassable limit of the Natural Reserve.
I never will see them close; nobody can.
That is why you see their reflection through the deep dark water… saved from the saw.