Di Fiore, Miriam
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Country Argentina - Italy
Title Railway Forest
Medium Dimensional Fused Glass
Metal and Wood Base
Type Sculpture
Size 12   10.5   8.5 "
Glass panel: 12  7  3/8"
Price:   $4000 SOLD October 27, 2004
Glass Art Collector, Southfield, MI
Base changed   In October 2004, Miriam changed the previous metal base (railroad) to this wood trunk that fits more with the the glass scenery. The Poem below relates more to the metal base.



Railway Forest               
Spring 2003

The train cuts across the pine woods where man exchanged horses for the railway.
Poor trees dirty by soot, disturbed by the howl of the locomotive.
They are like caught in a trap between an iron-vice.

A lot of them died. Few are still resisting, clinging to the ground and lifting their branches to the sky in a desperate request for silence

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