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Emanuel TOFFOLO, 2019 Work

2018 Toffolo Work

COMPOSITION of 10 Beetles, unframed
Approximately 18 x 12” - $2800 SOLD, August 2019, Glass Art Collector, Manhattan, NY

Rainbow of 7 Scarabs, 2019
19 x 5.5” - $2500 ON HOLD

A set of 3 Duo Scarabs
5.5 x 6.5” - $700 each
Silver & Gold | Lilac & Turquoise | Cobalt & Emerald

Emanuel comes from a Murano Family
with a great  tradition of Glass Art
He has that Gene!

His creations, however, are unique,
very different from the Glass Art
of the other Family members

Mostly Glass introduced Emanuel's Work to the
American Collectors, during Glass Week End
at the Creative Glass Center of America,
 Wheaton Arts, Millville, NJ, June 2013

Emanuel Toffolo, the Face behind the Beetles
click on the photo to enlarge it
  The Beetles are placed in a wall hanging frame
with a plexiglass cover
for safety and ease of transportation