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Madelyn Ricks 
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The 2 Ricks Bracelets available are in the SPIKE series, the right lower photo:
Grey & Tan and Bright Copper
Any of the other bracelts can be ordered to be made in the same spirit
To order one, please contact us at
Spike series, Bronze Bracelet, 2015, $500
on HOLD, SH, June 19, 2015
Spike series, Golden Bracelet, 2015, $500
 on HOLD, SH, June 19, 2015
Spike series, Black & Copper Bracelet, Lozenge Design, 2015, $500
Above are side view and a close up
SOLD, GWE, June 13, Glass Art and Jewelry Collector, Fanklin Lakes, NJ
Dichroic Beads Bracelet, 2015
Not Avalable

Spike series, Various colors, 2015, $500 each

Click on the photo to enlarge it, from left to right:

Silver & Gun metal
Offered to a great friend, MB

Grey & Tan 

Bright Copper 

Dark Green  
, GWE, Openig Night, June 12
Collector from Villanova, PA
Jewelry SOLD in 2011   Other SOLD Jewelry