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Miriam Di Fiore Blue Drawer 
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  Dimensional Fused Glass; Drawer: Wood & metal handle,  7  15  2.5"      100 square inches    
$6 000 SOLD January 9, 2005. Glass Art Collectors, Reston, VA
Current value: $8000 (December 2007)
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The Poem below

Blue Drawer, The Poem

One Evening, November 2003, just before nightfall

There is a moment, only one moment, just before nightfall
when the only color is Blue
Blue is the grass on the ground
Blue are the leaves on the trees
Blue are the nests and the feathers
Blue is the breeze and the silence

It lasts for a moment, not more than a moment

Ocean Blue over oak’s trunks
Lapis Blue on the branches and the buds
Blue before the black night
Blue like the eyes of the one I am waiting for