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Title Remember Me
Medium: Dimensional Fused Glass
Dimensions Whole piece,  9  10.5  6" 
Glass panel,  9 x 6 x 0.5"          
$5300 SOLD at SOFA Palm Beach, January 15, 2005
Art Collector from Naples, Florida, For the museum in Armenia
Current estimated value, $6000
An interesting presentation of this Di Fiore 2005 piece
The glass panel on the lid of the wood box is placed in a way that that the proper orientation of the trees is reflected in the mirror at the bottom of the box. A Branch keeps the box open. A Di Fiore piece with the same concept is in the Mobil Museum, Alabama
The glass panel is based on the photo of Woods in Miriam's Argentina hometown, Marimar. On the inside of the box is written: No Me Olvides (Remember Me)