The fused glass is housed in a wooden stand that was hand-crafted by the artist from a piece of poplar tree bark she had collected previously. Interestingly, the fused glass was not executed with the bark stand in mind.  Rather, the stand was carved by the artist after she had finished the glass part, and was intended to further enhance the “reality” of the scene (of a real place in Italy) depicted in the artwork. The multilayered clear glass over the scenery is a new direction in Miriam’s work.

Miriam Di Fiore     
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Title Seed   2005
Medium Dimensional Fused Glass
On a poplar tree bark sculpted by Miriam
See the text under the image to the left
Size Sculpture: 8 x 7 x 10"
Glass Panel: 7.5 x 4.5 x 1"  The thick layers of clear glass accentuates the depth of the scenery
Price   $3950 SOLD SOFA Chicago, Oct 28 2005 Collectors,  St Petersburg, FL

The glass panel can be set on either side of the Wood
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